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The Leveraxe Ultra

Just as great, only lighter.

Lighter, Simpler And Smarter

The new Leveraxe Ultra (previously known as the Leveraxe 2) is a lot like it's sister. It works in exactly the same way, features the same handle and colouring. It's just lighter, cheaper and even faster.

It's light weight makes it well suited for the less strong and it's low maintenance design makes it perfect for the less regular wood splitter.

The Head

The Leveraxe Ultra's head is precision made in Finland from laser cut high strength stainless steel. This makes it lighter and easier to maintain without affecting it's splitting power.

The Handle

All Leveraxes feature the same 90cm long reverse tapered handle which provides safe and efficient wood splitting power.

Available Models

  • Leveraxe Ultra with Ash Handle and Red Head
    Black Painted Ash
    Red Stainless Steel
    SKU: la-ultra-fi
Leveraxe Ultra with Ash Handle and Red Head
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