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The New Leveraxe Classic MX

Same Axe, Better Value

The original Leveraxe was born of innovation. The Leveraxe Ultra is the result of further amazing innovation, and now the new Leveraxe Classic MX (previously known as the Leveraxe 1.3) with Hickory Handle is the latest iteration towards the perfect axe.

The New Leveraxe Classic MX

The Leveraxe Classic MX is the result of ongoing refinement. We've managed to find a new factory in Mexico that is able to make the new model much cheaper, but with the same quality.

The New Handle

We've also changed the handle material to USA Hickory. Hickory is preferred by many, and is a durable and shock absorbing wood.

The New Head

The cutting head is the same design as the previous model. Made from SAE 1045 medium carbon automotive steel, the blade is tough and easier to machine, which also adds to the new lower cost without affecting performance.

Available Models

  • Leveraxe Classic MX with Hickory Handle
    Red steel
    SKU: la-classic-mx-au
Leveraxe Classic MX with Hickory Handle
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