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The Original Leveraxe Classic

The Clever Way to Split Wood.

Faster, Safer and Better

This is the Original Leveraxe. It's pioneering design features lead the way in safety and efficiency.

The Axe Head

The strange looking axe head is designed to be safe and efficient. It's centre of mass is off centre and this translates your downward strike into a rotational lever action. As the head bites into the wood, it safely turns to the right, splitting the wood.

The blade doesn't need to be sharp to work, which makes it easy to maintain (just oil it every now and then to prevent rusting).

The 1.9kg axe head is a solid piece of cast steel.

The Handle

At 90cm, the handle is longer than standard axes and this makes it easier and more efficient to use.

The ash handle is designed to be strong, light and shock absorbing. This minimises the energy transmitted back into your hands and reduces muscle fatigue.

Cleverly, the handle features a reverse taper. The head can never escape the end of the handle. Another reason that it is safer than a regular axe.

The Colour

Bright red is my favourite colour, but it is also the colour that best stands out against snow, grass and brush.

Available Models

  • Leveraxe Classic FI with Ash Handle
    Black Painted Ash
    Red steel
    SKU: la-classic-fi-ash
  • Leveraxe Classic FI with Black Composite Handle
    Black Composite
    Red steel
    SKU: la-classic-fi-com
Leveraxe Classic FI with Ash Handle
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