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Leveraxe Australia

We’ve chopped wood - lots of it. We know the burn in the shoulders, the arm jarring from a mis-strike, the annoyance of a stuck blade. We’ve spent hours splitting hard Australian Hard Wood (Red Gum and Ghost Gum).

We love clever and simple solutions to long standing problems. We love precision engineering and quality manufacturing. We love finding a better way.

So, some details: We are a small business based in Brisbane, Queensland. We’ve just started importing the Leveraxe and we are focusing on online sales and tracked delivery at this time. Our parent company, Epiphyte Corporation Pty Ltd, is primarily a consulting services provider to small business looking to bring new products to market. We thought Leveraxe was the perfect opportunity to talk the talk and show what we can do.

Wholesale Enquiries

We are open to Wholesale Enquiries. Please contact dan@leveraxe.com.au for more information.

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Epiphyte Corporation Pty Ltd T/A Leveraxe Australia PO Box 683 Coorparoo QLD 4151 Australia (07) 3102 4427 info@leveraxe.com.au

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